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Our team began their journey in the 90’s as a stucco company from 1992 to 2001 known as Heera Stucco, where we worked on small to large projects all over the lower mainland. In 2001 we decided to shift gears to become more established within the construction community and launched our framing company known as Pro Quality Homes, which has built over 300 homes since inception. In 2007, through the experience and expertise of Pro Quality Homes, Silver Key Homes was founded.


Silver Key Homes was established with one objective - to build the highest quality custom homes that last lifetimes. With 20+ years of experience building residential and townhomes ranging from all of Metro Vancouver to Prince George, you can count on our teams expertise to help build the home of your dreams. 


At Silver Key Homes, we understand the importance of open communication, well designed plans, a careful choice of construction materials and the importance of well established teams of professionals to help bring it all together. You can count on our team  to lead the building process and ensure the home of your dreams becomes a reality. 

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